The weather ledger has engaged the industry since day 1

The Weather Ledger project was born out of a desire to launch and prove real-world use cases of distributed ledger technology (DLT). Something that holds much promise for construction and many industries, but has yet to have it’s big break.

In 2018, after the publishing of their State of the Market on blockchain report, the Digital Catapult ran a series of field labs. These were collaborative sessions which brought together startups and industry leaders from construction. The aim was simple, discuss and bring to the surface all the problems that the industry faced, which blockchain technology could be applied to to solve.

The leading idea that came from these sessions was in relation to the weather clause and the startup EHAB started building prototypes to illustrate this solution was possible.

BAM Nuttall showed interest in this initiative and Connected Places & Digital Catapult helped pull together the consortium. With eyes set on the Transforming Construction Round 2 projects with Innovate UK, the consortium grew to gain access to new skills and partners. It was later in 2019 that Ferrovial and Clyde & Co joined the project.

The bid we put together sought to utilise IoT devices and DLT to automate the NEC Weather Clause, as this appeared to be a provable challenge.

Transforming Construction Challenge

The Transforming Construction Challenge was fundamental to this project. This is a challenge that the government has put real money behind, with £170 million of government investment being matched by £250 million from industry.

The scope of our grant sought to enhance the way that contracts deal with weather risk in the industry. Multiple outcomes were hoped for here.

1. To create a commercially viable business (EHAB)

2. To prove that smart contracts could be used in the construction industry

3. The lay the groundwork for further innovations for using smart contracts

The grant brought together a diverse set of partners to work on this problem in a very lean and iterative way. This meant that above and beyond the scope of the grant other solutions were able to be brought into the platform.

This page will grow and evolve as we publish more material in relation to the grant. Further more indepth reading will be posted to the Blog and linked below.

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